Elegy of the Twilight Prince

Byrday, 5 Faenym, 1007 KR

It was a particularly rough night for Ceph. No matter what distraction he sought, the faces of the dead lurked behind his eyes.

“You all right?” Old Tom asked.


“You don’t sound it,” Nael said.

“Just—tired,” Ceph said. But he could tell they didn’t buy it.

“You don’t have to put on a brave face,” Tom said. “Not for us.”

But Ceph didn’t do it for them. He did it for himself.

Sometimes, it all felt so… final. For so many of them, it just ended, and Ceph was left alone once again. Always alone.

Nael seemed to stare at him from beneath the bandage over his eyes. “None of us are alone on the journey. And the journey never ends. Do you know the story of Cain, the Twilight Prince?”

“God of outcasts,” Ceph said. “Leads the dead to the Shadowrealm.”

“Forever outcast, forever wandering,” Nael said. Then he picked up his guitar and began to play.


I come from the waste

The outcast

I come through the shadow and dust

The twilight of the west

I wander

I don’t belong, never allowed to rest

Fate is forever, I’m marked for my sins

I serve only the Queen, myself, and the wind


The world’s at my feet

I have everywhere to be

And nowhere to go


Your feet are heavy

You tire

I come through the shadow and sand

From the twilight of the end

To find you

To take you away from your land

You know that it’s come, the end that you fear

He comes, I follow, the Queen’s Land is near


The world’s at my feet

I have everywhere to be

And nowhere to go


I’ll never find rest

But I’ll take you to yours

A rest without sleep

Lost but ever onwards

Your journey’s not done

Your time’s just begun

For the end of all things

Is not the end of all things


Take your first step.

You are new.


The journey doesn’t end, it never ends.

I have wandered the worlds

For eons.


It never ends. Never ends.

Infinity stretches before us, a hand in the dark.

In the shadow.

Take it. Let it guide. Follow. Eyes open


We are outcast. We wander forever.

It never ends.

And I wouldn’t want it to.


The world’s at your feet

You have nowhere to be

And everywhere to go


The world’s at my feet

I have everywhere to be

And nowhere to go.


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