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Created by: Lucas J.W. Johnson
Produced and Published by: Silverstring Media

Azrael’s Stop Writer: Lucas J.W. Johnson
Music Composer and Producer: Devin Vibert

Cover Illustrations and Character Art: Scott Gamble
Tales of the Stop Interior Illustrations: Allison Friebertshauser

Website Design: Claris CyarronMegan Furesz, and Lucas J.W. Johnson
Book Cover and PDF Design: Karen Kavett
Epub Design: Lucas J.W. Johnson
Azrael’s Stop Editor: Brian White
Tales of the Stop Editor: Lucas J.W. Johnson
Tales of the Stop Contributors: Ian Llywelyn Brown, Jacob Burgess, Nathan T. Dean, Steele Filipek, Allison Friebertshauser, Wren Handman, Virginia Madeline, Andrea Phillips, and Scott Walker